PEMF is a pulsed electro magnetic field therapy machine that is a revolutionary medical device that has shown amazing results in the treatment of pain, swelling, as well as dramatically improving range of motion in both humans and animals.  The PEMF uses powerful electro-magnetic field that provides natural energy to the cells of the body.  This increases energy and helps the body heal itself. 
PEMF Therapy enhances the synthesis of protein in the cells, allowing the body to take advantage of all the protein available.
PEMF Therapy improves circulation, not by increasing the heartbeat or blood pressure, but by opening and dilating the arteries and capillaries.  This also reduces edema (swelling).
PEMF Therapy increases the cellular level of oxygen absorbtion.  Studies have shown that oxygen partial pressure can be increased by 200%.  This reduces pain and the build up of lactic acid under strenuous exercise.
PEMF Therapy is particularly effective in getting to deep muscle soreness, because of its deep penetration.

We've had some amazing results using the Magna-Wave!

Amie is the Magna-Wave specialist!  She's doing a great job and the horses love her!  With her knowledge and experience she has the perfect touch to find and work out those problem areas. 

The Magna-Wave has proven to be a great addition to all the other things we do.  Before we bought our own, I spent 2 years working along side MagnaWave Therapy and telling myself we didn't need one!... I surely didn't need to spend $20K...  I was certain that all my training and all these other therapies I did was enough...  But the results truely couldn't be denied.  The Magna-Wave takes HORSEPOWER to a whole new level!  It gets to those deep muscles where my hands can't touch.  It's also very helpful on muscles that are so sore they don't want to be touched!
But the deciding factor for me was a select few horses, who I just wasn't satisfying myself with all the work I had done with them, until I introduced them to the Magna-Wave.  So I put a new set of tires on the "silver bullet" and decided to squeeze another 100,000 miles out of it, and bought a Magnawave, instead of a new car!  

I couldn't imagine doing what we do, while being limited to one specific thing.  Magna-Wave, by itself is not enough... Lifewave patches... Massage... Bodywork... Homeopathy...  all these things are NOT ENOUGH ALONE!  But when combined we can achieve amazing results.  You would spend 2-3 times more getting all these services done by different therapists, but we do whatever it takes and there's no extra charge!

So who gets the most benefit from MagnaWave?
*  Performance horses of all types
*  Geriatrics (the old guys really like it)
*  Me... it completes my work.  and most of the time they don't need me again

Success Stories:
Lady w/leg pain:  This year at OpenWorld I met a lady who had lymes disease, she was bitten by a tick about a year ago and since then had constant pain down both legs, went through all kinds of medications and her doctor told her she'd probably just have to learn to live with it.  Well, I used the Magnawave for 4 minutes on each leg and the next day she came back with a big grin and said all the pain was gone, except in her knees.  So I put the Magnawave on her knees again for 4 minutes each and the next day she came back dancing.  All the pain was gone.
Crippled Cowboy:  Before I bought my Magnawave Machine, one of my friends, who happens to be a crippled cowboy, you know the type, when they stand up it takes them a few steps to straighten up and he always walks with a limp.  That was until he found the MagnaWave.  Now he swears by it and when he does some crazy cowboy thing and hurts himself he calls me to fix him again.
2009 Open World Champion, Lacy Childress & LS WonderBoy - he was always tight and guarded his rear end.  He didn't even want you to stand behind him, because he didn't want to flex his sacrum.  But the Magnawave loosened him up and relaxed the tight muscles and gave him a noticable improvement in range of motion.  And he absolutely enjoys his treatments!
2009 Youth World Champion, Katie Brown & Leading Tradition, aka "JT"  - JT loves massage and MagnaWave.  We work on him the day before his race, then he gets a good nights sleep, and is full of energy the next day!
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