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*  Lifewave patches 
*  MagnaWave (PEMF)
*  Bodywork
*  Saddlefit
* Problem solving

     Although each of the modalities that we utilize can be used independently, together, they are extraordinarily effective.  We strive to stay on the cutting edge of equine performance enhancement technology to offer the best possible services available.
     Every horse is unique.  So we start with a very thorough evaluation from ears to tail and everything in between.  Please BRING YOUR SADDLE & TACK, because we will probably want to check it and/or watch you ride.  We'll show you what we find, fix what we can, and give you homework to continue the improvements at home.
    We are not a DVM Veterinary Service.  Our services are not intended to replace routine veterinary care.  We will work with your Veterinarian, Farrier, Equine Dentist to help your horse reach his maximum performance potential. 

    It's very important, if you want to achieve perfect balance, you must also consider the importance of your horses hoof care, tack and saddle fit, nutrition, dental care and routine veterinary care. 

    We are always happy to show you how to evaluate your own horse. 

Amie Still & Truckle Trek 

The HORSEPOWER girls currently travel to barns all over Florida and Alabama.  To schedule your barn day, please give us a call.

    Look us up on Facebook for daily travel updates, photos, videos, and lots of cool stories about horses we work with.

*  Certified by IVAT & Dr Peggy Fleming (Graduated in 2007, 3yr School incl Bodywork, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and Alternative Therapies, plus over 500 intern hours with Dr Fleming)
*  Certified by NESH & Dr Paul Herscu (2 yrs Veterinary Homeopathy, plus additional 2yrs Advanced Equine Homeopathy)
*  Over 30 years experience raising, training, and competing with barrel racing and team roping horses -- making and maintaining champions is our specialty.


It just keeps getting better!  Thanks ya'll for letting us be your "pit-crew" for your awesome athletes! 

                            Equine Sign Language
Do you know a horse that does any of the following?  If you answer yes, then we may be able to help you alleviate the cause. 

  • Tail Wringing
  • Sensitivity to saddling or grooming
  • Difficulty picking up leads
  • Difficult to stop or stopping on the front end.
  • Inability to flex and turn both directions
  • Fighting the bit, and head shaking
  • Bucking, Kicking, Biting, Rearing
  • Nervousness, Alleyway problems
  • Refusal to work, sluggishness
  • Or just a "Bad attitude"

    Of course there are also physical symptoms that are more obvious like: swelling, inflammation, stiffness, lameness, and irregular sweat patterns, just to name a few.  Horses do communicate with us in a variety of ways, we can help you recognize problems and understand equine sign language.  So before you buy a tougher bit, or punish the horse for misbehavior, please consider all the possible physical problems that he may be trying to tell you about.


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